Art and Soul Downtown Elgin Comes Alive with Music and Color This Weekend

Article excerpt

Byline: Hannah Meisel

Downtown Elgin will once again be covered in art of all types this weekend at the fourth annual Art and Soul on the Fox.

The event, which brings together artists from the area to exhibit local talent, will be put on in conjunction with the Kaleidoscope Music Festival Saturday and Elgin Walkabout Theater throughout the weekend.

Sigi Psimenos, Art and Soul coordinator and founder, said the collaboration is aimed at bringing visual and performance artists together in order to bring a three-dimensional experience to the area.

"Nobody knows the true talent we have here," she said. "We don't need to go to Chicago; we don't need to go anywhere else to find talent; we have it here."

The weekend will start off with Elgin Walkabout Theater's first performance of Edgar Allen Poe's works by four local theater companies in a promenade-type setting. Saturday morning, the arts will continue on Dupage Court, South Grove Avenue and South Spring Street, with art displays by 90 juried artists paired with live music beginning at noon. This Kaleidoscope Music Festival, put on by the City of Elgin, will feature five different types of music, ranging from the Second Baptist Chorale Ensemble to the Jazz Consortium Big Band.

Post-Kaleidoscope, Psimenos said Art and Soul visitors should stick around for the Passeggiata part of the evening, which will feature musical artist Beth Patterson, visually aided by firedancers. "Passeggiata," as Psimenos explained, means "a little stroll." Visitors for Saturday evening are encouraged to pull up a chair and enjoy the sounds of the eclectic musician on her 10-stringed Irish bouzouki. …