..On the Grapevine; Here Come the Girls!

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KARIMA Francis got the gig of a lifetime when she was asked to perform at the wedding of her musical hero Skunk Anansie on Friday. She said: "Her girlfriend flew me over to Italy to be a surprise at her wedding. Skunk is a massive fan and I'm her favourite female artist. It was crazy because she's one of my heroes and I grew up listening to her. It was a big one and a massive compliment." Karima's gorgeous second album The Remedy is out today.

LIANNE La Havas is one talented lady. Her debut album Is Your Love Big Enough? is a gorgeous collection of slick soul-pop tunes. And it's resulted in some musical greats flocking to be in her company. She revealed: "It was amazing to be in Prince's personal space and hang out with him one-onone.

It was a very important thing in my life because he's a living legend who has inspired so many musicians.

We played guitar together and talked about maybe doing a collaboration. He sent me a lovely message about the album saying he loved it." Wow.

JESSIE Ware is a girl with tons of musical connections and has a solid soundtrack to back them up. The new soul sensation is pals with Adele and Florence Welch while Tinie Tempah, Ellie Goulding and Daisy Lowe have declared themselves fans. Jessie said: "I went to school with Florence in Dulwich. She is always sweet about what I'm doing. …