Creativity-An Important Competency

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines - "If we don't innovate, we will evaporate!" Most problems we have today have no precedence ,thus requiring new solutions , new paradigms and new mindsets.The 2010 IBM Global Leadership study which surveyed more than 1500 CEOs from 60 countries and 33industries worldwide concluded that the most important competency in the world today is Creativity.What is creativity? Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby a person creates something new that has value. To be creative, is to be original and useful. And innovation is the specific implementation of the creativity .

The IBM study says that "the world needs today are leaders that can lead with bold creativity." The three main areas of focus of any leader in the emerging business environment are:

1.Creative Leadership. The need is for leaders to be creative, to be comfortable with ambiguity and experimentation. How to motivate , to be able to connect and inspire ? Motivation is now a complex concept, aswe all know generation Y would have different values/aspirations from generation X

2.Reinventing Customer Relationships. With customers now having so much information and many options, there is need to connect with customers in imaginative ways . Remember when you can just transact with banks only during banking hours and on weekdays? Now we have the ATM, weekend banking, phone and on line banking.

3. Building Operational Dexterity. A big challenge is to design operations with speed and flexibility. Businesses now are rightsizing , streamlining operations and looking for new ways to respond to customer needs on and effective and timely basis .

This is the season for typhoons and rains. What new thing have we done to make us more prepared next time? If what we are doing are the same, please don't expect any different result. Albert Einstein said "Doing the same thing over and over again and yet expecting a different result each time is not wisdom. It is insanity."

How then do we enhance our creative potentials? Creativity is not created in a vacuum. How then do you enhance your creativity? We need to feed our creative juices. How?

1. Start by being interested in new things, new ideas.Be inquisitive, be curious. Don't have a "no attitude."Have a dream. Experiment. Desire to learn and try new things. For example-do you always order the same food in arestaurant? Taste new dishes or visit new places . Just try something new.

2. Possibilities. Discover many possibilities around us. For example what can you do with your trash? To turn them to cash?Ilac Diaz transformed an ordinary liter bottle to light. Do you know that putting empty bottles in cloth around your neck can be a floater too? Environmentalist Ed Guevarra showed us his recycled plastic drums floating as boat with emergency kit . …