Recent Media Coverage Has Raised Debate about the Relationship between Diet and Cardiovascular Disease, Specifically about the Role Played by Cholesterol in the Diet as a Contributor to Ill Health and Death from Cardiovascular Conditions in SA. This Debate Has Been Aired at the University of Cape Town and in the Media in Recent Weeks

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Recent media coverage has raised debate about the relationship between diet and cardiovascular disease, specifically about the role played by cholesterol in the diet as a contributor to ill health and death from cardiovascular conditions in SA. This debate has been aired at the University of Cape Town and in the media in recent weeks.

While we welcome differences of opinion, tested in open debate, the Faculty of Health Sciences wishes to make clear the following point in response. The current debates are being voiced by individual members of the faculty, and do not reflect any official faculty or university position with regard to the debate. Scientific progress is made possible by such engagement, and we encourage open debate based on available evidence.

However, for patients, the debate might appear to be confusing, since eminent experts appear to be contradicting each other. The nature of creating new knowledge will always involve grappling with uncertainty and interpreting scientific data to the best of one's scientific ability.

For that reason, it would perhaps help readers to consult the website of the Sports Science Institute of SA which provides a balanced and evidenced-based opinion about the risks from cholesterol in the diet. …