School-Based HIV-Prevention Education - United States, 1994

Article excerpt

School-based HIV-prevention education -- United States, 1994. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 45, 760-765.

This report presents data from the CDC's 1994 School Health Policies and Programs Study related specifically to HIV-prevention education. Among the areas addressed in the study were the percentage of states and school districts requiring that HIV-prevention be taught, inservice training to provide such education, and the specific topics being taught within HIV-prevention education.

According to the CDC report, HIV-prevention education was a required school topic in 78.7% of states and 83% of school districts. In contrast, pregnancy prevention was a required topic in 43.9% of states and 83.0% of school districts. STD prevention was required in 65.1% of the states and 80.9% of the school districts. All of the states and 61.0% of school districts provided inservice training on HIV-prevention. However, only 38.6% of teachers who taught courses focused primarily on health and 24.1% of teachers who taught courses with some health content reported receiving HIV-prevention inservice training in the two years prior to the survey. In contrast, 72.2% of states and 15.2% of school districts provided inservice training for pregnancy prevention and 85.7% of states and 32.5% of school districts provided inservice for STD prevention. …