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Need to find even more resources for those country reports? Try the Internet Public Library, Culture Quest site. Olivia Owl and Parsifal Penguin guide students while they explore links to Africa, Asia and the Far East, Europe, North America, Antarctica, Australia, the Middle East, as well as South and Central America. Olivia provides information about the countries while both guides help youngsters sample the cuisine, play the games, visit museums, hear folk tales, and learn about the holidays and festivals of the world's cultures.


Remember how the Schoolhouse Rock commercials and videos capture students? Now, via links, students can access the song lyrics, view the Quicktime movie and play the song in either MS Wave file or RealAudio format. Links are included to Grammar Rock, America Rock, Multiplication Rock and Science Rock.


Ever wonder what you or your students can do to help improve the environment? The Annenberg/CPB exhibit on Garbage: How can my community reduce waste provides ideas and links to excellent web sites. The site includes information on solid wastes, hazardous waste, sewage, global efforts, and the future.


Another exceptional resource from Annenberg is an exhibit on Russia, which describes this vast nation in transition. Sections on the early history, road to change, the transition, breakaway republics, building a federation, Russia today, and related resources are included. Very useful for teachers grades 6-12.


Excellent for consumer education and economics classes at the Primary Sources Network. Written for middle and high school students, the easy-to-use activities and worksheets guide users through sections on market research, advertising, packaging and selling. Also good for students developing projects which include a product or advertising component.

//www.Biology Lessons.sdsu.edu/

San Diego State University has been a leader in helping educators discover the Internet as a curriculum-based tool. Biology teachers will find a treasure-trove of lesson plans on water, elements, building molecules, osmosis, cells, mitosis and other topics at the Biology Lesson site. Its primary purpose is to allow K-8 teachers to access and print a number of high quality lessons with relevant ties to the benchmarks set by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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