Author Hotline

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CW4K is great for budding authors to use at home, but for school use Author Hotline is very useful as a school resource of exclusive author, illustrator and poet profiles. It offers young readers the chance to connect with published professionals. It is a great opportunity to support the work of authors in schools.


The home page has rolling short bursts of 'Did you know?' facts--one line facts about an author with their photo. The facts could be linked to their writing, or just random facts about their life to show they are human. Also on the homepage is 'Latest news'--currently competition results and a sign up for a free monthly newsletter--aimed at teachers--although it didn't work for me. A link to the WBD site is current. The main body of this site is the online bank of author profiles which includes an image, biography, quick- questionnaire and book list showing front covers of the author's work-- whether in or out of print--that children can search through. This is dependent upon the author signing up, but is free to them to upload their details.

If schools are studying a book they can visit the author's profile and download it as a pdf. …