Communist China Uses "Journalists" as Spies

Article excerpt

The communist dictatorship ruling mainland China uses its so-called "news agencies" and "journalists" to spy on dissidents and foreign governments, charged Canadian author and reporter Mark Bourrie, who resigned from the regime's Xinhua service after realizing what was happening.

Bourrie, a respected journalist with insider access to Canadian politics, told Canada's National Post that his Chinese editors regularly requested articles on critics of the regime and their activities in Canada. Those stories, unsurprisingly, were never published, sparking suspicions by Bourrie that he was being used to collect intelligence.

One assignment, for example, was to find the names and addresses of people who protested against a 2010 visit by Chinese tyrant Hu Jintao to Canada. Another involved determining which Canadian government department was charged with suppressing "evil cults" --an obvious reference to Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline that was banned by the Chinese regime and is now relentlessly persecuted.

Then, in April, Xinhua asked Bourrie to cover a visit by the Dalai Lama. The Buddhist spiritual leader opposes the ongoing communist Chinese occupation and destruction of Tibet, so he is considered an enemy by the communist dictatorship. According to Bourrie, the sole purpose of the assignment was to gather intelligence for Beijing. …