Documents: Internet and the School Library Media Specialist: Transforming Traditional Services

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Greenwood professional guides in school librarianship (ED409008), by Randall MacDonald, is a step-by-step guide that introduces teacher-librarians to the Internet, addressing their distinct needs and the unique relationships that exist between teacher-librarians, their students and classroom colleagues. The book explains how to incorporate the Internet into the resource center, cites exemplary World Wide Web sites for teacher-librarians and covers the following topics: how to connect to the Internet; Internet tools and how to use them; the best ways to browse the World Wide Web and retrieve useful information; the basics of home page development; listservs and USENET newsgroups for the teacher-librarian; how to develop and evaluate Internet-based instructional activities with illustrations of actual Internet use and strategies for promoting responsible student use of the Internet. The book is divided in four parts and contains the following chapters: (1) "The Internet and education"; (2) "Why explore the Internet?" (3) "Establishing Internet access"; (4) "Internet tools"; (5) "The World Wide Web"; (6) "Learning from your colleagues"; (7) "Program planning and evaluation"; (8) "Transforming traditional services"; and (9) "From safety net to safe Net." Appendices include: "Thinking critically about World Wide Web resources" (Esther Grassian) a guide for evaluating World Wide Web resources; a sample Internet acceptable use policy (from District 861, Winona, MN); a selective subject list of World Wide Web resources; a glossary of terms; a bibliography of recommended titles; and an index. (Contains 69 references.) This 208-page book is not available from EDRS. It is available from Greenwood Press, 88 Post Road West, P.O. Box 5007, Westport, CT 06881-5007 ($39.95; 0-313-30028-3; ISSN-1074-150X).

Internet for schools, Second Edition, Professional growth series (ED405849), by Carol Simpson and Sharron McElmeel, is designed as an introduction to the Internet and World Wide Web for teachers and teacher-librarians. the book helps educators learn about the Internet and assists them in taking the lead in technology in their school. Librarians have a vested interest in learning about the Internet and its wealth of resources. As a worldwide network of electronic information, the Internet helps librarians provide resources that could not possibly be provided at the local level. As with any new information resource, librarians, teachers and students need training and experience to become "power users." The book contains the following chapters: (1) "What is the Internet?" (2) "Searching the Web"; (3) "Introducing the Internet to students"; (4) "Introducing the Internet to faculty and staff; (5) "Uses of the Internet in school libraries; (6) "Uses of the Internet in specific content areas"; (7) "Getting online"; and (8) "Internet access points." Appendices include an introduction to e-mail, file transfer protocol (FTP), World Wide Web (WWW), and transparency masters for providing training sessions. A glossary, URL (uniform resource locator) and e-mail address index, and subject index are provided. (Contains 25 references.) This 256-page book is not available from EDRS. It is available from Linworth Publishing, Inc., 480 East Wilson Bridge Road, Suite L, Worthington, OH 43085 (0-938865-59-5). …