Mick Was Easy to Live with (Well, a Part from the Infid Elity!); Single Again and Throwing Herself into Strictly, Jerry Hall Tells Rebecca Hardy She's So Close to Mick Jagger These Days, He's Even Been Helping Her with Her Sexy Dance Moves

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Byline: Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall won't stop telling me how happy she is, when I'm sure she's actually miserable. After 'the happiest two years of my life', her love affair with Australian property developer Warwick Hemsley is over. She says this quite matter-of-factly before listing 'the little things' that make her happy instead, such as 'the way it feels to get into a warm bath'. Which can't be quite the same as getting into a warm bed with the man she had said was 'The One'?

'Funny how fate keeps happening. They're The One, then they're The One before The One.' She roars with laughter, but I don't think she really finds it funny. Jerry was, after all, head over heels in love with 56-year-old Warwick and didn't care who knew it. 'I just think I'm so lucky at my stage in life to have found someone so lovely and to love someone and feel loved -- it's a beautiful thing,' she said at the beginning of the summer.

What happened? 'The distance was so difficult, what with my son [14-year-old Gabriel] at school and my work,' she says. 'Warwick's just had two grandchildren who are in Australia so we've been having a break for about a month now, but I don't regret anything.

I had the happiest two years of my life.

It was fabulous. He's a lovely man and it was a wonderful lesson to see relationships could be so easy, so peaceful and non-dramatic.'

Again Jerry laughs. Again, I'm not too sure why. 'I think crying over spilt milk and being all moody and sulky is really bratty behaviour,' she says. 'You shouldn't do it because it's going to drag you and everyone else around you down. I'm quite stoic about these things. To me, it's not the end of the world if I end up not being with someone. I love romance. I love sex. I love men's company, but I don't feel I have to be married. Men are a wonderful part of life -- like chocolate. But my life goes on whether they're there or not.'

Jerry, 56, is a trouper. Remember when she finally gave up on that 'dangerous sexual predator' (her words) Mick Jagger after 23 years of his serial philandering? Gabriel, the youngest of their four children, was just a year old when she discovered Brazilian model Luciana Morad was carrying Mick's baby. Did she wallow in self-pity? Did she hell. No, Jerry stripped off in a West End production of The Graduate, as if to say, 'Come and see what you're missing, Jumping Jack Flash!'

Today, she's preparing to dazzle on Strictly Come Dancing with her partner, Anton du Beke. She tells me her agent 'caught her at a weak moment' and 'talked her into it'. But, again, I'm not too sure. She's lost 10lb since rehearsals began and looks fabulous. 'We're doing the cha-cha-cha now, which is very flirtatious,' she says, stretching out her vowels in that seductive, Texan way of hers. 'I'm so surprised how much I like it.

'I wake up really happy. It's odd. I feel like that dancing penguin in Happy Feet.' Which is certainly better than 'a plodding mule trudging through mud' -- judge Craig Revel Horwood's comment about Anton's fiery dance partner from last year, Nancy Dell'Olio. 'I adore Anton,' Jerry continues. 'He's very elegant in all his ways -- his dancing, his manners. He's old-school Hollywood, like Fred Astaire. He's been building up my confidence. He says, "You've been learning it so quickly and you bring so much pleasure to it."' Jerry lights up like one of the flashbulbs that have followed her for much of her life.

But she is, in truth, all over the place at the moment and, eventually, during this deeply personal interview, the tears come when she talks openly for the first time about the twin she lost while carrying her son James, now 27. 'It had died before it was born but I had to carry it to full term, and I wasn't able to grieve because it was a secret,' she says. 'So I had a lot of mixed emotions. We [Mick, Jerry and their eldest daughter, Elizabeth, now 28] were still travelling around the world because Mick was busy with the Stones, and it was pretty terrible. …