Millburn District Schoolteachers Opt to Join Labor Union

Article excerpt

Byline: Bob Susnjara

Millburn Elementary District 24's status as being one of the few Lake County school systems without union teachers has changed.

Lake County Federation of Teachers President Michael McGue said Monday that a majority of about 100 Millburn instructors signed cards in favor of unionization late last week.

He said the unionization occurred in the middle of new contract talks for District 24 teachers.

McGue said District 24 was among the few Lake County school systems without an employee union. He said the union will represent the teachers in the current negotiations for a new deal and beyond.

"We hope to continue with the long-standing excellent relationship the teachers and the board of education and administration in District 24 have enjoyed," McGue said.

Average salary for Millburn teachers was listed at $53,321 on the most recent 2011 state report card. Negotiations for a new deal started about a year ago, officials said. …