Death of Feminism? Women Say They Do Not Need It Any More

Article excerpt

Byline: Eleanor Harding

IT IS the movement that, among its many triumphs, won women the vote.

Yet, for the average modern woman, feminism is dead, research claims.

Just one in seven women describes herself as a 'feminist', it found, with younger women even less likely to describe themselves as such.

A third view traditional radical feminism as 'too aggressive' towards men, while a quarter no longer view it as a positive label. One in five describe it as 'old-fashioned' and simply 'not relevant' to their generation.

Today's women are also more likely to see millionaire author and single mother JK Rowling as a good role model than feminist icon Germaine Greer - who received only one in 50 votes among respondents.

But parenting website Netmums, which conducted the poll, says the results prove just how much the movement has achieved - because women no longer feel oppressed.

The website's founder Siobhan Freegard added: 'Modern women feel traditional feminism is no longer working for them, as it's aggressive, divisive and doesn't take into account their personal circumstances.

'They simply don't view men as "the enemy". …