CHRISTIAN SLAYER; Psycho's Murder Spree Fuelled by Religious Hate He Will Die in Jail for Killing Vicar and Betty

Article excerpt


A GOD-hating psychopath was yesterday told he will die in jail after he was convicted of murdering a vicar and a retired teacher.

Sadistic drifter Stephen Farrow, 48, battered grandmother Betty Yates, 77, with her walking stick before fatally stabbing her four times at her riverside cottage.

Six weeks later 6ft 4in Farrow knifed the Rev John Suddards, 59, to death in his vicarage before covering his body in porn DVDs, party poppers and condoms.

He had planned to crucify the vicar - but left behind his bag with the hammer and nails.

Farrow, who claimed a priest abused him as a child, had previously visited Canterbury aiming to murder Archbishop Rowan Williams but was deterred by the high level of security.

Last Christmas he broke into a cottage near the vicarage while the owners were away and stuck a note to a table with knives.

The message said: "Be thankful you did not come back or we would have killed you Christian scum. I f***ing hate God."

Farrow, 48, showed no emotion yesterday as he was convicted of both murders by a jury at Bristol crown court. Judge Mr Justice Field sentenced him to life and said he will never be set free.

"I am satisfied that in your case a whole life sentence is appropriate in each of these dreadful, horrific killings," he told him.

"To put a knife deep into Betty Yates's body as she lay helpless on the floor, having arranged her head on the pillow, was an act of sadism. You put the knife in her to have the pleasure of doing it.

"As for the Rev Suddards, you killed him - having kicked him down and told him, 'F***ing hurry up and die' - with seven deep knife wounds. He was helpless.

That conduct was sadistic."

Farrow, of no fixed address, plunged a knife into widow Betty's face and neck in her home near Bewdley, Worcs, last January. …