Geneva Teachers File Unfair Labor Practice Charge

Article excerpt

Byline: Daily Herald report

The Geneva teachers union Saturday filed an unfair labor practice charge against , two days ahead of its impending strike.

According to a statement from the Geneva Education Association, the school board "sent a threat directly to teachers in an illegal attempt to coerce/intimidate them from their plans to engage in a lawful strike."

Both sides are scheduled to meet Sunday to continue negotiations.

An attorney for the school board couldnt immediately be reached for comment.

Union President Carol Young said the dispute arose Wednesday when teachers received letters from the school board claiming staff members would be responsible for their full health and dental insurance premiums each day of their impending work stoppage.

Young said the letter also addressed negotiation items that remain undecided.

"We remain committed to getting this dispute settled fairly," Geneva Education Association President Carol Young said in a statement. But we wont stand idly by as the school board behaves in an intimidating manner toward our members. …