Go Figure: Danny Galieote Flips the Script on Figurative Art

Article excerpt

While some people spend a lifetime seeking out their one true passion, others are lucky enough to discover their calling early in life and while away the years perfecting it. Artist Danny Galieote (whose oil on canvas portrait At Play surely grabbed your attention on our cover) falls firmly into the latter category.


"I was always drawing from my earliest memory," says the Los Angeles-born and based artist. That talent led Galieote to an interesting entree into the art world, by way of Walt Disney Animation Studios, where he spent nearly a decade as one of the studio's top artists. The opportunity allowed Galieote to flex his creative muscles, and to hone his drawing and painting skills as well.

With a body of work that is almost always figurative, Gaiieote uses a nostalgic style to address timeless themes of human nature. His paintings have been exhibited--and collected--across the country and he was recently named one of the year's "12 Artists to Watch" by American Artist.


ABN spent "15 Minutes" with Galieote to talk about preferred mediums, bad advice and breaking all the rules.

JENNIFER WOOD (ABN): What's your preferred medium?

DANNY GALIEOTE (DG) Oil on canvas. I like the vibrancy and permanence of oils and the feel on the canvas.

ABN: What attracts you to a subject?

DG: Something that people can relate to on a larger scale and something that's pleasing for me to paint.

ABN: Who are the artists you most admire?

DG. …