First-Time Novelists Chosen for Naperville Program

Article excerpt

Byline: Justin Kmitch

The 12th annual Naperville Reads celebration will feature the works of two first-time novelists: R.J. Palacio and Naomi Benaron.

And more than any other year, their works were chosen to give the community something to talk about.

"Both authors deal with very complex issues in their books that lend themselves to discussion," Naperville Public Library spokeswoman Susan Greenwood said. "Were encouraging the community to read books and get together to discuss the issues in the books."

In "Wonder," Palacio captures both the difficulty and the importance of choosing kindness.

The novel tells the story of August "Auggie" Pullman and the struggles he faces as a boy born with severe facial deformities as he begins attending public school and the friendships he makes.

"Wonder is technically a young adult book but its also a wonderful book for parents to read and discuss with their younger children," Greenwood said. "Really its all about the importance of being kind to fellow students. …