FOOD FIGHT; OntheBox JAMIE AND JIMMY'S FOOD FIGHT CLUB: FRIDAY, C4, 9PM FORMER Coventry Graduate Jimmy Doherty and Jamie Oliver Warm-Up to Take on Europe's Top Delicacies in Defence of British Grub. MARION MCMULLEN Checks out the Fighting Words. BRIT GRUB IS BANG ON

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THE first rule about Food Fight Club is you don't talk about food fight club.

The second rule of Food Fight Club is forget the first rule because Jimmy Doherty and Jamie Oliver have a lot to talk about.

They first met as kids growing up in Essex in the 1980s and bonded over their shared love of food.

Now they're joining forces for Channel 4's new Thursday night series Jamie And Jimmy's Food Fight Club.

The title may have left some fans worrying that their friendship had turned to rivalry, but fortunately it won't see the two mates trying to decide who has done the most to educate the nation's palates by stripping to the waist and battering each other with baguettes.

Instead, the only people they'll be battling will be anyone who dares to say that British food is a bit bland.

And they're so excited by the prospect, they're even prepared to break the first rule of Food Fight Club - don't talk about Food Fight Club.

Jimmy, who studied insects doing a PHD in entomology at Coventry University, says: "I'm so chuffed to be back working with my oldest mate. We're out to show Great Britain and the world just how good our food has become. And it's going to be so much fun. It's a real celebration of all that's great about British food. Bring it on." Throughout the course of the series, viewers will see the duo driving through Europe in a Ford Capri to prove that British produce can hold its own against the best the continent has to offer. Jamie says: "Jimmy and I have been mates for as long as I can remember and so it's brilliant to be making a series with him. "We've got up to a load of mischief already on the road in Europe, and now we're taking it back to good old Essex." Their first stop is France, where they will be arguing that the UK's fromage deserves a place on any French cheeseboard. Future instalments will see them pitting their sausages against Germany's offerings, going beer to beer with the Belgians and seeing if GB desserts can take over the godfathers of puddings in Italy. Jamie believes their opponents could be in for a few surprises.

"When we were nippers, British food. was all pop tarts, boil in the bag and carveries. But since then we've undergone a food revolution and it's time the world woke up to the fact that our grub deserves its place on the world stage," he says. …