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The Notting Hill Mystery by Charles Warren Adams RRP [pounds sterling]8.99 Our Price [pounds sterling]7.99 Predating Wilkie Collins's The Moonstone and Emile Gaboriau's first Monsieur Lecoq novel, this mystery was first published as an eight-part serial in 1862 and 1863. Insurance investigator Ralph Henderson suspects the sinister Baron 'R___' of murdering his wife, and attempts to build a case against him, descending into a maze of intrigue.

The Female Detective by Andrew Forrester RRP [pounds sterling]8.99 Our Price [pounds sterling]7.99 First published in 1864, this collection of stories introduces the first professional female detective in British fiction, Mrs Gladden. Her deductive methods anticipate those of Sherlock Holmes, as she tracks down killers while trying to conceal her own tracks and identity. These intriguing mysteries provide an insight into the origins of crime fiction.

A Brief Guide to Jane Austen by Charles Jennings RRP [pounds sterling]8.99 Our Price [pounds sterling]7.49 A witty and accessible guide to Jane Austen, the first truly modern writer who is also a great literary enigma. It looks at her words and works as well as her times. It includes a short biography and an overview of the novels, as well as the world she inhabited, and her own words of advice for modern life.

The Rose Petal Beach by Dorothy Koomson RRP [pounds sterling]14.99 Our Price [pounds sterling]10.99 The new novel from the bestselling author, this follows Tania, who is horrified when her husband Scott is accused of something terrible. Forced to choose who to believe, her decision has dire consequences for all concerned. Then a stranger arrives in town, who carries with her shocking truths that will change lives. …