Wanted: Environmental Expertise: ECO Canada's New Report Tells You the Skills and Opportunities That Are Most in Demand

Article excerpt

THE IDEA OF a green economy is open to many interpretations. Transforming its ideals--such as renewable energy and social inclusion, or giving ample value to natural capital--into tangible results can also be convoluted by many options, factors and potential players.

To help clarify what greener growth means for policy makers, businesses and workers, ECO Canada completed a research project called Career Paths in a Green Economy in 2012. The report identifies major contributing industries, essential occupations within them and the skills that professionals will need in order to qualify for jobs.

It's important to think of the green economy as an evolution rather than an unprecedented development. According to the report, it is "the culmination of a long-term increase in environmental awareness and enhanced civic influence over corporate and government decisions related to the environment."

Perhaps more importantly, "the growing influence of the green economy has corresponded with greater integration of environmental information into strategic decision making and business planning."

Read the full report at eco.ca/greeneconomycareers.

"The term 'green economy' means a lot of different things to different audiences. …