Research Base to Aid Teachers; University Hub Opens in New Year

Article excerpt

Byline: BEN TURNER Education Reporter

MERSEYSIDE school teachers will benefit from a new university research centre opening in the New Year.

The ECHO can reveal that Ormskirk-based Edge Hill University is behind the innovative hub designed to bridge the gap between academics and schools.

The centre aims to address historic fears that school solutions can be a "quick fix" while academic research can be overly theoretical and out of touch with day-to-day classroom realities.

The Research Centre for Schools, Colleges and Teacher Education (SCaTE) opens in January.

And the university hopes it will not only improve the way education research is viewed but see its experts work with teachers to help them develop their own research to raise the educational quality in schools and colleges.

It would mean that if a school wanted to shine a light on issues such as cyber-bullying or teaching methods, the university would help them access existing research but also show how to carry out their own evaluations.

University chiefs hope the move will help the region's teachers in a number of ways, ranging from long-term planning and problem-solving to their own professional development. …