Crowley, Cath: Graffiti Moon

Article excerpt

Crowley, Cath

Graffiti Moon

Hodder, 2012, pp305, 6.99 [pounds sterling]

978 1 444 90787 2

Graffiti Moon by Australian prize-winning author Crowley is a rare gem of a book--I actually stopped reading it to make it last longer!

Lucy, Jazz and Daisy are out to celebrate the last day of high school. Arty Lucy's aim is to find graffiti artist Shadow--she loves his work and has fantasised about a romance with him for months. Also out that night are Ed, Leo and Dylan. As Daisy is Dylan's girlfriend the two groups get together. Romance is quickly in the air for Jazz and Leo. For Lucy and Ed the night is not so smooth; for starters the last time they went out Lucy broke his nose and Ed is in fact Shadow but too afraid to admit it because of his poor self-esteem.

The action takes place over one night in Melbourne and is full of rich description of the urban landscape. As the evening progresses with the search for Shadow and a party, a meeting with the local thug, an episode with considerable menace, and a proposed school break--in order to pay off the thug Malcom, the ups and downs of the three relationships ebb and flow and their feelings unfold; tentative, sarcastic funny and romantic The realistic dialogue is one of the novel's many strengths. …