Scoot on Down to Transport Museum; Exhibitions

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GET the motor running with a fun exhibition with a strong sense of humour driving through it.

ScooterMania at the Coventry Transport Museum is well put together and showcases both the brilliance and quite often the awfulness of British design.

The exhibition features more than 40 scooters on loan from the personal collection of Robin Spalding.

Most date from the 1950s and 60s and they have been well arranged in groups with displays of adverts, fashions, furnishings and magazines from the times, so there's something for everyone here.

The Bond Minibyke has sharp lines and, along with many of the early bikes, has an amazing advert featuring a "glamour girl" from the times to go with it.

The Merry Dolphin is an extra-long duel seat model from 1957, and there's a sad tale behind the Merry Pippin of 1958. It was planned to produce 15,000 a year, but the company went bust so only 15 were ever made.

A lovely Festival Of Britaindesign decanter and glasses next to an enormous radio are the centrepiece of one display, there's a jukebox in another and one more has an old fashioned sideboard. …