Communists Happy with Obama Reelection

Article excerpt

The American people have spoken, renewing President Obama's mandate for change for yet another four years. Following the announcement of Obama's reelection, Communist Party USA (CPUSA) chairman Sam Webb wrote an article in the CPUSA's official newspaper, People's World, expressing his contentment with the election results.


"After a long and bitterly contested battle, the forces of inclusive democracy came out on top yesterday," Webb said. "The better angels of the American people spread their wings, as they went to the polls."

The key motivating factor behind the CPUSA's support of reelecting Obama and empowering the Democratic Party under his leadership was to prevent a "victory by right-wing extremism," according to Webb. "Had Romney won the Presidency and the Republicans the Congress, it would have accelerated to warp drive a capitalist class counterrevolution--a reversal of seventy years of social progress."

Russia also expressed optimism in Obama's reelection. "For Russia, Obama's victory will be beneficial," Sergei Markov, a member of the Public Chamber and a former aide to Putin, told news agency RIA Novosti on November 7. Following the same vein of thought, Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov stated, "In general, the Kremlin is very positive to learn about Barack Obama's victory in the elections," according to Interfax. …