Around the Left in 60 Days

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Mi'kmaq opposition to frocking

Mi'kmaq people and non-Mi'kmaq supporters throughout Nova Scotia are working to stop future hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking." PetroWorth Resources has exploration and development rights to 383,000 acres in Cape Breton around Lake Ainslie, the province's largest freshwater lake. There are environmental, health and safety concerns around fracking, including depletion of water resources, groundwater Contamination, oil spills, fires and explosions. The Nova Scotia government has said it will delay making any decision on fracking until at least 2014. There's more information at and


Canada's weak regulations for coal producers

In September, the federal Conservative government weakened regulations for coal-fired electricity stations. According to Sierra Club Canada, coal plants supply 20 percent of Canada's electricity and 77 percent of greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation. Instead of strengthening the draft regulations from the previous year, the government has increased allowable emissions and extended the operating time for older, and dirtier, coal plants. For more information check out The Pembina Institute report The High Costs of Cheap Power: Pollution from coal-fired electricity in Canada is available at

Denounce Canada's actions against Iran

Canadians should be concerned that its government is encouraging a NATO-led invasion of Iran. The Canadian Peace Alliance is warning that the decision by the federal Conservative government to sever all diplomatic ties with Iran is a dangerous escalation of conflict in the Middle East and contributes to the drive for an attack against Iran. There's more information at

United Church of Canada boycott of illegal Israeli settlements

Members of Canada's largest Protestant church have voted to boycott goods produced in illegal Israeli settlements. Church members voted in favour of dismantling all settlements within the Occupied Territories and the separation wall. Peace and solidarity groups have congratulated the United Church for taking a stand against Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory. According to Code Pink: Women for Peace, products produced in illegal settlements in the West Bank include SodaStream carbonation devices and Ahava cosmetics. There's more information at


Oppose the nuclear agenda in Saskatchewan

Anti-nuclear activist and physician Helen Caldicott is in Saskatoon on November J. for an event entitled "Our Toxic Nuclear Legacy." The forum is an opportunity to discuss and raise awareness about the aggressive promotion of the nuclear agenda in Saskatchewan and to plan for a June 2013 conference on uranium. There's more information at and

Nuclear reactor to close in Quebec

Environmentalists are celebrating the Quebec government's decision to close Gentilly-2, its only nuclear reactor. The CANDU reactor, located in the Maurice region near Trois-Rivieres, would require massive repairs to continue operating beyond 2012. …