Buy Direct, Sell Direct: Art Market Network Starts a New Trend in Online Art Brokering

Article excerpt

The world of buying and selling art is high-powered and often hard to negotiate. Many online art brokers specialize only in high-end art, or limit their selections to well-known artists.

Last year, Mark Cunningham, owner of Gallery Art Market in Springfield, Missouri, created, an online brokerage service dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers directly, without third party involvement, and offering a wide selection of art from established and emerging artists alike. Because it's is a true brokerage site, gives artists, art collectors and art dealers the opportunity to sell--or resell--works on the international stage, directly to interested parties.

The advantages are immediately apparent. Art collectors may want to part with some or all of their existing collection, and offers them a convenient showcase for everything from sculpture to paintings. Art dealers can use the site to enhance their gallery recognition while selling directly to the client through the site. And artists no longer have to struggle with the efforts and competition of getting into brick and mortar galleries to have their work viewed by potential clients.

As for art lovers, there's no need to scour galleries and art exhibits for their acquisitions and no hard sell. There's also the chance to locate desired artworks at very reasonable prices. It's a win-win for the art world.

A quick tour of the Website turns up works from artists as varied as nationally-renowned Navajo painter R.C. Gorman, light painter Jesse Barnes and noted wildlife artist Susan Morrison. …