Books Received

Article excerpt

The list includes all books received between 1 June and 1 September 2012. Those featuring at the beginning of New Book Chronicle have, however, not been duplicated in this list. The listing of a book in this chronicle does not preclude its subsequent review in Antiquity.


IGNACIO RODRIGUEZ TEMINO. Indianas Jones sin futuro: la lucha contra el expolio del patrimonio arqueologico, xiv+443 pages, 41 illustrations. 2012. Madrid: JAS Arqueologia; 978-84-939295-1-0 paperback; 978-84-939295-2-7 e-book.

FRANCESCO MENOTTI. Wetland archaeology and beyond: theory and practice, xviii+544 pages, 116 illustrations, 6 tables. 2012. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 978-0-19-957101-7 hardback 95 [pounds sterling].

METIN I. EREN (ed.). Hunter-gatherer behaviour: human response during the Younger Dryas. 281 pages, 30 illustrations, 8 tables. 2012. Walnut Creek (CA): Left Coast Press; 978-1-59874-602-0 hardback $59.95; 998-1-61132-766-1 institutional e-book; 978-1-61132-525-6 individual e-book.

MARC A. ABRAMIUK. The foundations of cognitive archaeology, xxii+316 pages, 27 illustrations, 1 table. 2012. Cambridge (MA): Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 978-0-262-01768-8 hardback 27.95 [pounds sterling].

DEBRA L. MARTIN, RYAN P. HARROD & VENTURA R. PEREZ (ed.). The bioarchaeology of violence, xiv+291 pages, 42 illustrations, 21 tables. 2012. Gainesville (FL): University Press of Florida; 978-0-8130-4150-6 hardback $74.95.

OLIVIER AURENCHE (ed.). Vous avez dit ethnoarcheologue? Choix d'articles (1972-2007) (Collection de la Maison de l'Orient et de la Mediterranee 47; Serie archeologique 16). 524 pages, 228 illustrations. 2012. Lyon: Maison de l'Orient et de la Mediterranee --Jean Pouilloux; 978-2-35668-027-3 paperback 48 [euro].

NATHAN SCHLANGER & ANNE-CHRISTINE TAYLOR (ed.). La prehistoire des autres: perspectives archeologiques et anthropologiques. 384 pages, 43 illustrations, 1 table. 2012. Paris: La Decouverte; 978-2-286-09195-8 paperback.

MARTIN E. HULD, KARLENE JONES-BLEY & DEAN MILLER (ed.). Archaeology and language: IndoEuropean studies presented to James P. Mallory (Journal of Indo-European Studies Monograph Series 60). xii+376 pages, 33 illustrations. 2012. Washington, D.C.: Institute for the Study of Man; 978-0-9745383-5-5 hardback $110; 978-0-9845383-9-3 paperback $68.

European pre- & protohistory

EUGENE MORIN. Reassessing Paleolithic subsistence: the Neandertal and modern human foragers of Saint-Cesaire. xxvi+358 pages, 116 illustrations, 61 tables. 2012. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 978-1-107-02327-7 hardback 65 [pounds sterling].

ANDREW J. LAWSON. Painted caves: Palaeolithic rock art in Western Europe. xxxiv+446 pages, 193 illustrations, 8 colour plates. 2012. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 978-0-19-969822-6 hardback 90 [pounds sterling].

RICK SCHULTING & LINDA FIBIGER (ed). Sticks, stones and broken bones: Neolithic violence in a European perspective, xxvi+392 pages, 146 illustrations, 33 tables. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 978-0-19-95730-6 hardback 80 [pounds sterling].

AMY BOGAARD. Plant use and crop husbandry in an early Neolithic village: Vaihingen an der Enz, Baden-Wurttemberg (Frankfurter Archaologische Schriften 16). xxii+394 pages, 115 illustrations, 73 tables. 2011. Bonn: Rudolf Habelt; 978-3-7749-3731-4 hardback 95 [euro].

PIERRE PETREQUIN, SERGE CASSEN, MICHEL ERRERA, LUTZ KLASSEN, ALISON SHERIDAN & ANNE-MARIE PETREQUIN (ed.). Jade. Grandes haches alpines du Neolithique europeen. Ve et IVe millenaires av. J.-C. 1520 pages, 1162 b&w & colour illustrations. Besancon: Presses Universitaires de Franche-Comte; Gray: Centre de Recherche Archaologique de la Vailee de l'Ain; 978-2-84867-412-4 hardback, 2 volumes 120 [euro].

JAMES H. DICKSON. Ancient ice mummies. 192 pages, 97 b&w & colour illustrations. …