Don't Blame the Chief Executive; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION

Article excerpt

I HAVE been appalled at the way some politicians have dragged the good name of the Caerphilly chief executive through the mud for short-term political gain ("Plaid in tax warning after pay 'debacle'", Echo, January 23).

The fiasco of the 20% chief officer pay rise was the fault of every councillor of every political persuasion serving CCBC. I and every other Labour councillor made a public apology for that.

The recommendation to pay the 20% was made by a totally independent body, based on the fact that Caerphilly chief officers were the lowest paid in Wales, not having had an increase in salary for a number of years.

The decision to pay the increase was made by both Labour and Plaid Cymru councillors, not the officers.

The current chief officer team is for me the finest in Wales. They have guided the council through nine years of massive government cuts while protecting all our essential services.

They helped us provide land for the new hospital at Ystrad Mynach and gave valuable professional advice about building the new county HQ which in turn is saving millions of pounds in energy and travel costs. …