Best Experience for West Chicago

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Best experience for West Chicago

I am writing to the Fence Post in support of our acting mayor, Ruben Pineda, and to urge your West Chicago readers to elect Ruben in April. Ruben has lived in West Chicago his whole life and graduated from West Chicago High School where he was a talented wrestler and football star.

Consequently, Ruben Pineda has the utmost familiarity with the city and its current and future needs. My association with Ruben Pineda goes back over a decade when Ruben first became an alderman on the city council.

Over the years I have had many opportunities to observe the dedication with which Ruben Pineda has worked for the betterment of West Chicago.

Along with his regular support for smart business expansion and regular city advancements, Ruben served his ward conscientiously in times of emergency and problems.

Among the other candidates, I do not think there is any comparison between Ruben Pineda and the other aspirants.

Ruben Pineda is far and away the most qualified, experienced and dedicated of all. Ruben has 12-plus years of city council experience in identifying city needs and day-to-day management of arising issues and requirements.

West Chicago finances are very much under control, and Ruben's attention to detail and down-to-earth management style will ensure that our excellent financial position will be maintained.

Leonard J. Mahoney

West Chicago

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