Cary President Hopefuls Disagree on Ex-Manager's Departure

Article excerpt

Byline: Lenore T. Adkins

Cary's handling of its long-departed village administrator was still fresh in the minds of the two men vying to become village president during their recent Daily Herald endorsement interview.

Mark Kownick, who served on the board from 2009 to 2011 and then lost his seat, owns a facility services company. He's running because he likes to be part of the process and in the know of what's going on in the community.

Bruce Kaplan, a trustee in his first term, says he looks for wrongs and tries to right them. When he ran for the board two years ago, he was upset about having to pay higher fees to post his real estate signs in town -- fees Kownick later had a role in reducing or waiving.

"I felt like I was shining a bright light in a dark room and watching the cockroaches scatter," Kaplan said of the feeling he had when he started asking questions of the village. He ran as part of a four-person slate that demanded transparency and was elected.

One of the village's biggest wrongs, Kaplan said, was the severance package the previous board gave to Cameron Davis, who was village administrator for 16 years.

Davis was terminated in 2011 and received six months pay -- including a 1.7-percent cost-of-living increase -- and a lump sum of $47,500 for accrued vacation, personal, sick and comp time. …