Defense: Daughter Behind Attempted Murder

Article excerpt

Byline: Lee Filas

Defense attorneys working to free a Mundelein woman who pleaded guilty to trying to kill her ex-husband hope to use in court an unauthorized telephone recording of the woman's daughter asking an ex-boyfriend to commit the murder.

Gillian Gosch, defense attorney for Sandra Rogers, told Lake County Judge John Phillips the alleged recording of Robin Rogers -- then 14 -- took place before the 2003 sledgehammer attack on her father, Rick Rogers, and his new wife, Angela Gloria, in their Lincolnshire home.

Gosch said Wednesday she would have filed paperwork earlier to enter the recordings into evidence, but she had just received them from prosecutors the previous day.

"It lends to our argument that Robin (Rogers) was the other accomplice in the attack," she said when questioned by media outside the courtroom. "We intend to file a motion to introduce this evidence, but we need to find other rulings where phone conversations like this were allowed into court."

Gosch said the law prevents her from using unauthorized phone wiretaps in court as evidence. She added that Rick Rogers secretly recorded phone conversations in his home, including those by Robin Rogers, who is now 23. …