Why the Internet Worked

Article excerpt

Byline: Michael Keller

Their sleepless nights to keep your email going.

While most of lower Man- hattan was without power, one key building remained lighted: 60 Hudson Street, one of the most important Internet hubs worldwide. Even during the worst of the storm, the building kept the country connected through an array of well-maintained generators.

If you've ever sent an email, your data has probably trav- eled through a fiber-optic cable here. Built around 1929, the building served as the hub for Western Union's telegraph network and is now known as one of the fastest connections between world financial centers; it maintains Internet connectivity for entire regions of the country. Property manager Shaun Mooney, former Marine and volunteer firefighter, describes this job as "Mis- sion Critical"--"the lights have to stay on no matter what." Preparation for Sandy started the week before the storm, with staff meetings devoted to assessing supplies and personnel needs. …