The Story of Joe

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Byline: Abby Haglage

He stars in the epic film 'Lincoln,' but Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a passion for tales that are equally as ambitious--though a little bit shorter.

You're releasing another book, The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Vol. 2, from your online community hitRECord. What makes this different from the first one?

First of all, there are twice as many stories. The community's grown a lot on the level of artistry and professionalism, and the contribution

has really risen this year. That just makes it all the more fun to work on these collaborative projects.

How did you choose 62 contributors from the 14,946 stories you received?

We try to have each one contain a beginning, middle, and end. We would catch ourselves thinking, Yes, this is a really good little bit of writing, but it's not a tiny story, it's more of a joke. Some of them do have surprise endings, but we weren't going for zingers. Each one hopefully has something to say, and whether that something is funny, sad, or derogative, it tries to be complete.

Which one strikes a chord with you?

I like the one that reads: "You have reached the end of the world, please stand behind the barrier and take no photos." It's more like a poem. …