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SIR - David Cameron's speech about the European Union was made like the approach of a lady of the night - with a tug on your arm and the invitation "Come with me dear and I will take you to the promised land".

Only you will wake up in the morning having been mugged and you will most certainly not be in the promised land - for the EU is far from it.


They have too many people on gravy trains and too many unaccountable commissioners. In principle it all seemed very democratic in the beginning, but that time has long gone and it has turned out to be an exclusive club that has to kow-tow to the world banking order in Geneva, which we have no real knowledge of, or of how we are controlled by it. The speech is significant not for what he said, but what he failed to say.

For if we are lulled by Cameron's inducements to drop our guard we will be giving him and his type complete control over us, just by the mere marking of a Yes box on a referendum form. He will not tell you that but what you will be agreeing to by that mark is to give away a thousand years of our history. The Magna Carta, our constitution, the people's sovereignty, our inherent rights to govern ourselves, all of your sovereign rights this man will be able to undermine and circumvent. Your vote will be claimed as his mandate. Be very wary - these people want complete power over you.

When it comes to the law I am as ignorant as the next man, and we are always told that ignorance of the law is no defence. However, as our laws are very old and rely on antiquated words, do we or our children receive any real education on our laws? No we do not, we are kept in ignorance because that way we are far easier to control. …