Obama Pushes for Gun Proposals

Article excerpt

Byline: Associated Press

MINNEAPOLIS With his gun proposals dividing Congress, President Barack Obama conceded Monday the challenges he faces in winning support for measures ranging from criminal checks on gun buyers to an assault weapons ban. But, he declared: "We dont have to agree on everything to agree its time to do something."

Obama argued theres bipartisan support for universal background checks and for gun trafficking laws. But, acknowledging the political challenges he faces, he would say only the assault weapons ban deserves a vote in Congress.

"Changing the status quo is never easy," Obama said. "This will be no exception. The only way we can reduce gun violence in this county is if the American people decide its important, if you decide its important parents and teachers, police officers and pastors, hunters and sportsmen, Americans of every background stand up and say, This time, its got to be different."

Before his remarks, Obama held a round-table discussion at the Minneapolis Police Department, speaking with law enforcement and community leaders.

Obama made his pitch in Minnesota, a Democratic-leaning state where officials have been studying ways to reduce gun-related attacks and accidents for several years. It was the first he has campaigned on his proposals outside Washington.

Ahead of the trip, the White House released a photo of the president skeet shooting at Camp David. …