Puzzled by ETS?

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Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science (ETS) is one of the Disciplinary Core Ideas in the K-12 Framework. Use our puzzle to review the similarities, differences, and interconnectedness of science and engineering. Consult chapters 3 and 8 in the Framework for help. Good luck!


2 Engineering, technology, science, and society are __ and have profound effects on human society

4 A type of model used by engineers that includes drawing and sketches

5 __ are the goal of science

8 Engineers often analyze a design by creating a __ to collect data on how it performs

9 Computer-based models allow engineers to estimate the effects of a change in one feature on other features or on overall performance before the product is built

11 Effective engineering designs must __ established specifications and constraints

18 Optimizing a design solution often requires making __ among competing criteria

19 Engineers' basic approach to problem solving is the __ __

20 Specifications that the final engineering product, solution, or system must meet

21 Engineering advances have led to many important discoveries in __

23 Science and engineering are very __ in how they function

24 Engineers design objects, processes, or systems to meet __ __

25 Engineers __ their designs to achieve the best solution to a problem

26 In engineering, the goal of argumentation is to __ prospective designs


1 Engineering is driven by __ __

3 In engineering, each new version of a design is __ __ __

5 A factor or constraint to be considered when evaluating an engineering design or solution

6 Both scientific investigations and engineering design are __ and systematic

7 Scientific discoveries have led to development of advances in __

10 Information technologies, instruments, and tools used by scientists are designed by __

12 Science constructs explanations; engineering designs __

13 Engineers use models to see where failure points, difficulties, or __ might develop in a design

14 Science begins with a question; engineering begins with a __ __ __

15 The conditions under which an engineering problem must be solved

16 Any modification of the natural world made to fulfill human needs or desires

17 Product __ is the goal of engineering

22 Engineers use data from models and experiments to __ and improve a design