Good Enough for the Rest of Us, Obamacare Is Bad for the Unions; They Want out of the Health Care They Campaigned For

Article excerpt


Who knew Obamacare was bad for workers? Unions, or rather the professional class of union leaders, were vehement supporters of ObamacareAAEs federal takeover of health care. Now that theyAAEve had a chance to actually read the 2,801-page bill and find out what is in it, they are upset and want out.

Major unions such as the AFL-CIO and Teamsters are now demanding that they be allowed to stay on their current health care plans and receive government subsidies to cover the increased costs some of ObamacareAAEs provisions will impose on lower-income workers. They want to eat their government cake and have it, too. What else is new? Who would foot the bill? You guessed it: We, the taxpayers.

The rank hypocrisy of Obamacare-backing unions began almost immediately after the passage of the bill three years ago, with hundreds of thousands of union workers being exempted from the law through waivers from the Obama administration.

In total, more than 1,200 entities were granted waivers from President ObamaAAEs signature legislation, the vast majority of them labor unions. In fact, unions representing 543,812 workers received waivers, while only 69,813 employees at private companies, many of them small businesses, managed to secure a waiver.

The same unions that fought tooth and nail to impose this program on all Americans used million-dollar lobbyists to make sure they didnAAEt have to play by the same rules as the rest of us. Nice.

Readers will recall Mr. ObamaAAEs constant mantra: If you like your health care, you can keep it. Not so. According to the Congressional Budget Office, more than 7 million Americans will lose their employer-based insurance thanks to Obamacare. Unintended consequences always come back to haunt us, and try though they might, government actors are incapable of overturning economic law by mere decree.

Instead of joining the majority of Americans who want this bill repealed, unions are seeking to use their political leverage to shield themselves from the harm it will impose on hundreds of millions of their fellow Americans.

This episode of Left-Wing Fantasy Camp offers a revealing look into how unlimited government power breeds corruption. …