New Roosevelt Partnership Allows for Student Research

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Byline: Submitted by Harper College

Harper College has partnered with Roosevelt University to create an academic and research partnership that lets students earn a Harper associate degree in psychology and then seamlessly transfer to Roosevelt to earn a bachelors or masters degree.

Students in the program will spend the first two years taking required courses at Harper, and will have the opportunity to participate in psychological research alongside Roosevelt professors and potentially conduct their own. Participants will be guaranteed admission to Roosevelt following the completion of their associate degree with a minimum GPA.

"The program will allow students to save considerable time and money while earning their psychology degrees in the Northwest suburbs," said James Choca, psychology department chairman at Roosevelt.

It also gets students more involved with the actual science of psychology, Harper professor Charlie Johnston said. "This presents our students with the priceless opportunity to participate in real research and delve into psychology in ways they may not otherwise have the opportunity to do," Johnston said. …