From the Blogs: Pledging to Abide by Ethical Code

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Will you be able to evidence integrity in your exams? "Fact or Fiction" is a new report ( compiling discussions from four markets in Europe, Asia and Africa outlining the skills needed to be a successful business partner. As finance partners, more frequently with different functional units, it is important to reaffirm independence and objectivity.

The findings provide a picture of the opportunities and challenges finance transformation is creating, and the knowledge and behaviours you need to exhibit if you want to be in demand.

In the past few weeks I have been at a number of events, with speakers from leading global companies and key financial services all emphasising the importance of integrity in business dealings--not only from a risk perspective, but for opportunities. With the largest companies paying huge attention to reputation there are also consequences for SMEs. How will the smaller firms globally pass ever more thorough due diligence on their activities when pitching for contracts from the larger firms if they have something to hide?

Would you be able to assess integrity minefields? And how would you address them? When they come up in exams, at every level, you need to respond to them appropriately, relating to the principles of the code (as outlined in our online animation (http://goo. …