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Byline: Exclusive By Mark McGivern

a fantasist." who posed as a policeman on a highspeed car chase to impress a neighbour has another alter ego - as a priest.

ONE-legged David Barclay has established himself as an unlikely leader of an international church group.

AND their website is looking for new priests and donations from the public.

As His Excellency Monsignor FatherDavid Barclay, he claims to be one of the British heads of the Church of Our Lady"Iand Saviour, part of the Western CatholicOrthodox Church.

AT his right hand is his wife Ruth - knownas the Reverend Mother Supreme Ruth.

AMONG an array of services, jobless Barclay's church offer to carry out weddings and funerals.

19 Earlier this week, we told how Barclay, 37, of Port of Menteith, Stirlingshire, took neighbour on a high-speed car chase saying he worked for the police.

his ne after s He from on fl of wh was driving Susan Kulwicki home a shopping trip when he turned flashing lights and took off in pursuit what he said was a stolen car. He also muttered into a device she thought was walkie-talkie.

mut a wa He imp awAR was subsequently charged with impersonating a police officer and is awaiting sentencing.

After that story was published, the Record was told of his sideline.

A family friend said: "When we heard about the cop stuff, we were because people were already muttering about David's religious stuff.

he horrified mutterin "He has been nattering on about how he's one of the top men in this church and in regular contact with bishops in America and Africa.

"His wife Ruth is right behind him, prattling on about how she's the worldwide Supreme Mother of the church. It's cringeworthy.

"The website seems innocent to some eyes but he's started adding fundraising links for charities, with his own phone numbers as contact points, which sounds like something that people should be made aware of.

"He also lists his own phone numbers online for people to contact if they want to become priests - God help anyone who goes down that road."

On the website, Barclay seeks acolytes, saying: "It is a wonderful gift to be a priest.

"I love to spread the word of the Lord. If you feel God is calling you to be a priest please get in touch and I will try to guide you."

He adds: "I was married to my wife when I was 16 and she also loves the Bible and reads it every day.

"I was then later in life baptised and then started to study theology then got a doctorate in Christian education and one in doctor of divinity and family and marriage counselling."

The website lists the church's worldwide HQ as Scotland, above a photograph of a grand mansion. …