From Iran with Love

Article excerpt

Byline: Brad Gooch

A selection of poems excerpted from 'Faces of Love: Hafez and the Poets of Shiraz.'

My love's for pretty faces, For heart-bewitching hair; I'm crazy for good wine, A languorous, drunk stare ...

In love there's no escaping The burning of desire; I stand here like a candle - Don't scare me with your fire.

I am a man from heaven, But on this path I see My love of youth and beauty Have made a slave of me.

If Fate will help me, I Will take myself elsewhere - My bed will be swept clean By some sweet houri's hair.

Shiraz is like a mine Of ruby lips, a store Of loveliness ... and I'm A jeweler who's dirt-poor.

I've seen so many drunk Eyes in this town, I think I'm drunk, although I swear I've had no wine to drink.

You asked me to explain Eternity for you - Well certainly, when I Have downed a drink or two.

Hafez, my nature's like A hopeful bride, but I Lack mirrors to array Myself - that's why I sigh.


Sorrow is all you've ever Brought to me; I will not ask how long I am to be

The knocker on your door You do not see, The iron ring you pass Obliviously. …