Race Is on for a Policy; UKIP Gives Cam and Ed Immigration Headache

Article excerpt

Byline: NigelNelson

THE first immigrants to Britain arrived here 800,000 years ago.

There were no UK Border Agency staff to deter them, and as Britain was joined to France back then they just walked in.

Climate change was the only immigration control, but it proved a remarkably effective one.

When an ice age came along the Flintstone families packed their pebbles and wandered back to their second homes along the Mediterranean.

The Neanderthals or Homo sapiens turned up 200,000 years ago and Homo sapiens sapiens - that's us - 160,000 years after that.

Pre-history does not record whether the newcomers were racists, but within 10,000 years they got rid of the Neanderthals.

Britain has had an immigrant problem ever since. The Celts didn't like the Romans who didn't like the Saxons who didn't like the Vikings. And no one liked the French, so no change there.

Today's MPs say immigration is the No1 issue when they canvass on the doorstep, but politicians were reluctant to engage with it for fear of being branded racist.

The success of Nigel Farage and UKIP is changing that. Now Ed Miliband and David Cameron are falling over themselves to come up with credible immigration policies. …