The Philippine Records Management Association, INC. Seminar Workshop on Developing Taxonomy and Classification for Records Managers

Article excerpt

"Information governance" has become increasingly complex, where the retrieval and delivery of data required by users in a precise and prompt manner has become a challenge, regardless of whether or not the documents/records are printed/hard copies or digital records. Recognizing this reality, the Philippine Records Management Association, Inc., organized a seminar-workshop titled "Developing Taxonomy and Classification for Records Management," which opens today in Tacloban City, Leyte.

Among the topics that will be discussed during the three-day event are methods of classifying records; identifying functions, activities and transactions; drafting a function-based classification plan; understanding thesaurus concepts in thesaurus construction; overview of compiling a keyword thesaurus; introduction to ISO 15489 - its elements and principles; history and definition of taxonomy; advantages of taxonomy in records management; and taxonomy design types. The three-day event, which will gather some 200 participants in record-keeping, information management and retrieval, and related functions in private and public institutions nationwide will zero in on building and implementing a successful taxonomy and taxonomy thesaurus.

In this digital age, documents and records, regardless of whether they are filed in printed or electronic form need to have a standard records structure, an organization-wide records classification and taxonomy scheme to allow for prompt and accurate data. …