2 Indicted for Fake TCTs

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines --- An engineer and his alleged girlfriend are now facing charges before the Quezon City Regional Trial Court for allegedly issuing fake Transfer Certificates of Titles (TCTs) and collecting more than P7 million in processing fees.

Assistant City Prosecutor Eduardo Legaspi found probable cause to indict Engr. Dominador Castillo Jr. and Rachel Digan on two counts of estafa for alleged falsification of public documents.

Records disclosed that the accused acting as broker agent and facilitator of the so-called Eligio Cruz property, have represented to the complainant, Cuevasville Realty and Development Corporation that they can fast track the acquisition, transfer and conveyance of two properties with TCT Number 245427 and 245429.

The respondents allegedly told the complainant that their service would include the preparation of legal documentation for the orderly and valid transfer of the subject properties.

In the process, the respondents prepared a Memorandum of Agreement, Deed of Adjudication supposedly executed by the heirs of Eligio Cruz; Deed of Absolute Sale and the supposed verification of the two titles at the Register of Deeds in Quezon City.

Convinced by the respondents' representation, the complainant corporation gave to the respondents the total amount of P5,529,268.20 for TCT number 254427 on Aug. 26; Sept. 14, 20; Oct. 24; Nov. 22 and Dec. 8, all in 2011.

On Oct. 8, 2011, the complainant also gave to the respondents the amount of P2,334,000 as payment for the processing of TCT number 254429.

The paid amounts were supported by petty cash vouchers and checks which were never denied by respondent Castillo. …