WB Reviews DA Development Projects

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines --- Two flagship rural development projects implemented by the Department of Agriculture (DA) will undergo review by the World Bank (WB) for duplication in the entire country.

"The WB team is doing a joint week-long review mission for DA's second phase Mindanao Rural Development Program (MRDP) and the appraisal activities for the proposed Philippine Rural Development Program (PRDP)," said WB lead rural development specialist Carolina Geron.

Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala said the MRDP and PRDP help attain and sustain sufficient and affordable food for the people.

"These are the programs that are designed to increase farmers' and fishers' incomes through investments in climate-smart physical and ecological infrastructure and in broad-based value-adding enterprises," Alcala said.

"With these programs we aim not only to improve agriculture but also improve the way we do agriculture," he said.

Geron said WB is in full support for the agricultural and fisheries competitiveness for broad-based inclusive growth in the country.

"MRDP has modeled and found the 'secret formula' how a national government agency can effectively, in a cost-efficient manner, work with the local government units (LGUs)," Geron said.

She added that this notion disproved the perception that LGUs, particularly in Mindanao, are weak and less capable in delivering agri-fishery services since the MRDP experience has shown otherwise. …