Gordon's Arsenal

Article excerpt

When you need blood, you look for him. When you're trapped in a flood, yell for help from him. When fire has gone out of control, he's the man to call. When an emergency cannot wait, he's the guy with the resources and the system to rush to the rescue.

Dick Gordon has the experience, the energy and the organization. Why does he want to be a senator again when, as chairman of Philippine Red Cross he already has his hands full? "I can do both jobs," he brags to friends old and new, strangers he found on the path of calamity, and grateful survivors snatched from the jaws of death. The stories of those rescues are the stuff of disaster movies, except that in his case, they are all real.

On that score alone - saving lives, rebuilding lives post-disaster - Dick Gordon, former secretary of tourism (WOW!) and reelectionist senator, has the longest list of accomplishments among all candidates, bar none. In addition, look at what he's got: 18 fire trucks, 85 ambulances, 15,000 tents, a crane to lift 90 tons of debris, 2 amphibians, 2 helicopters (on lease). …