The Connection That Makes 'Foursome' Feel at Home

Article excerpt

"Foursome" is the biggest Valentine's concert this year featuring superstars Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez, as well as Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid.

To be held at Mall of Asia Arena on Feb. 14, the two couples have been preparing for the big night so intently that they've even been working overtime just to ensure that every aspect of the show comes out perfectly as deserved by their loyal fans.

As many industry insiders already know, Regine, Pops, Ogie and Martin are very particular with the concept and repertoire of every concert they do whether solo or as part of a group. As soon as any of them agrees to hold one, each does his research on what songs to perform so that he presents something new to his public or at least give ye ole favorites new twists by way of fresh musical or vocal arrangements.

Fortunately, technology is on their side. These artists don't have to be together at a venue in a meeting all the time in order to do research, exchange ideas and agree on the nitty gritty. At home, Ogie and Regine review their past shows and look up new songs or concepts by using the Internet. Likewise, when either Martin or Pops comes up with brilliant ideas, they can easily relay the information to their co-stars and the people behind the show via private messages, email correspondence or even good old SMS (yes, they do that online, too).

It also helps that nowadays, one can go online using mobile phones so the four stars don't need to be in front of computers just to do these things especially when they are on the go (and they usually are!). When they're home, they can just keep their phones nearby and that frees them to go about with domestic stuff. …