Is Sandino the Next Coco?

Article excerpt

Up and coming actor Sandino Martin is already earning raves this early for his brave portrayal of a disturbed young homosexual in Jay Altarejos' "UnFRIEND (It's Complicated)."

Martin, whose initial forays into acting include the Philippine Educational Theater Association's (PETA) much talked about modern-day musical drama "William," was handpicked by Altarejos himself to play the lead role in the film, which was inspired by the 2011 murder-suicide incident in a mall in Pampanga.

"I was actually auditioning for the supporting role but he egged me on to try for the lead instead," said Martin in an interview with Bulletin Entertainment.

The 22-year-old is more than thankful for Altarejos' prodding as the role is his biggest break so far.

"The role was very demanding. Actually takot ako initially 'dun sa idea that I would be playing a gay role and in my first film pa but it was all worth it kasi ang ganda ng feedback," he shared.

Among his new-found admirers is respected director Brillante Mendoza, who co-produced "UnFRIEND (It's Complicated)" with Solar Films.

"Sabi nga niya [Mendoza] he is considering me for his other film projects," Martin proudly enthused.

Of course, the Mendoza connection is further emphasized as Martin is now being compared to Kapamilya hunk Coco Martin, who, prior to making it big as a mainstream star, was among Mendoza's prized proteges.

"Yeah, but he's a very good actor and I look up to him so okay lang," Martin said.

Having the same last name didn't help things either.

"Yeah, but it's my real name. …