How Martin Nievera Doesn't Get Jaded with Love

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines - Falling in love then getting your heart broken repeatedly can burn you out and make you feel hopeless.

Even Concert King Martin Nievera has admitted to have gotten a bit jaded after breaking "many hearts," which, in the process, has left his own in pieces.

Nevertheless, he shared to Bulletin Entertainment how to bounce back from that phase, or better yet, to prevent oneself from going down that route before your love woes worsen like some Stage 4 disease.

"Treat every heartbreak with respect..never lose ties," said the veteran singer-composer. "Don't treat love like it's a tool or a gift or a card - don't be materialistic. Be emotional, be romantic, and in whatever love you have for each other, whether you make it or not, let that remain with you forever."

Despite breaking up with former flames, the most popular of whom being Concert Queen and ex-wife Pops Fernandez, Martin is able to remain friends with them.

"I don't break a heart and never see them again. I'll text or call, 'How are you?,' solve some problems with them, be a shoulder to cry on when they've broken up with someone else," he related.

Citing Pops, with whom he has two sons, Martin deemed that they were married "for a reason. …