Big Strides towards Saving Lives

Article excerpt

Many people go out for a run every day. Young or old, tall or short, none of it really matters as long as the sweat keeps dripping and the miles keep mounting.

One thing that does matter is why. However unique an individual's reason is for getting into running, it is important because it pushes them to take step after step to go even farther.

If personal agenda can motivate a person to run, then doing it to save the lives of others wouldn't be a problem. This is what the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) aims to achieve as they compel runners and non-runners alike to participate in a run that saves lives.

Come February 10, The Red Cross Million Volunteer Run envisions a sea of red as it hopes to attract a million runners to participate in this run for the ultimate cause. "We want to bring together, in the spirit of volunteerism, as many Filipinos from as many sectors of Philippine society as possible to cope with and help mitigate the risk of disasters and saves lives," says PRC governor Mabini Pablo.

This second installment of the Million Volunteer Run aims to be bigger and better than the last one as it will simultaneously hold events at key cities all over the country including provinces like Pangasinan, Catanduanes, and Cebu.

Two of these events will be held in Manila, one will start from the CCP Complex in Pasay City and finish at the Quirino Grandstand. The other will be held at the Quezon City Memorial Circle and would run around the Elliptical Road and along Commonwealth Avenue. Categories for the Manila Leg include a 3-kilometer and a 5-kilometer course. …