All the World Is a University

Article excerpt

Learning does not end after a student clinches a college diploma. All the world is a university.

This, among other issues facing graduating students, is what GMA News TV's newest project "Learniversity: A Day of Career Talks and Learning Exhibits" is all about. A forum was held at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) in Manila recently, the second in a series of campus tours being organized for the project. Learniversity was first launched at the University of the East.


While hybrid courses may produce multi-skilled people for the labor force, this matter also often leaves students undecided on the field or industry they would really like to focus on.

Aware of this problem, Learniversity aims to help students pick a career path based on their specific skills and interests where they are likely to be more effective in.

"We want students to have a career, not just a job. We also want them to think what they can contribute to society and what they can contribute to themselves," explains Francis Pena, one of the project organizers.

To provide valuable advices and insights on what to expect in the corporate world, Learniversity features speakers from different fields who share their work experiences and the challenges they've encountered in the real world.

Award-winning broadcast journalist Kara David gave valuable tips to PUP MassCommunication students about entering the industry. Her tips however can be applied to whatever profession as she cited important qualities for students to remember in choosing the career they would like to pursue.

For one, David stressed the importance of having the passion to stay in the profession. "For instance, in making documentaries, the best way to tell a story is to tell it with your heart, with passion and compassion for that kind of story. I think that because you have a love for the subject that you're reporting, because you have a love for the story, therefore, you exert all efforts to make it truthful. …